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Average Salary in India 2021: An average person working in India typically earns around - 32,200 Rs INR per month.

Salaries range from Rs 9,100 INR (lowest average) to Rs 149,000 INR (highest average). actual maximum salaryis higher).This is the average monthly salary including housing, transport, and other perks benefits.

Salaries vary drastically between different careers. India's economy also plays a major role in salary.

To know the Salary of a particular job, see below for salaries for specific job titles.

Average salary in India

Average Salary in India Average salary in India

What is a good salary in india

How much money does a person working in India make? It is very important for your career so you have to know about the average salary for a particular job in the country you are living in.

what is a good salary in india Salaries could differ from city to city and also differ from urban and rural areas.

Later we also compare both of them to see how we are lagging behind the rest of the world. 

So read this article because it will help you in choosing the right career, you can also read these tips to Choose the Right Career for you. 

Now we need to break it down for different jobs.

Average payscale for popular jobs

Average payscale for popular jobs Average payscale for popular jobs

Salary in Accounting and Finance

 / Month


19,500 INR

Accounting Assistant

15,200 INR

Accounting Manager

45,000 INR


13,600 INR

Chartered Accountant

30,500 INR

Corporate Treasurer

45,800 INR

Financial Analyst

48,200 INR

Financial Manager

64,700 INR

Internal Auditor

30,400 INR

Salary in Administration - Reception - Secretarial

Administrative Assistant

15,500 INR

Office Manager

28,200 INR


15,800 INR


16,300 INR

Salary in Advertising - Graphic Design - Events

Art Director

35,600 INR

Creative Director

34,400 INR

Graphic Designer

25,000 INR


16,900 INR

Salary in Airlines - Aviation - Aerospace - Defense

Aerospace Engineer

42,500 INR

Air Traffic Controller

35,400 INR

Flight Attendant

22,800 INR


58,200 INR

Salary in Architecture


40,000 INR

CAD Drafter

16,500 INR

Salary in Automotive


12,000 INR

Service Advisor

25,400 INR

Salary in Banking

Bank Branch Manager

56,600 INR


16,400 INR

Salary in Bilingual


26,200 INR


29,600 INR

Salary in Business Planning

Business Analyst

42,800 INR

Business Development Manager

50,000 INR

Project Manager

44,800 INR

Salary in Child Care


15,000 INR

Nursery Teacher

12,500 INR

Salary in Construction / Building

Civil Engineer

32,500 INR

Construction Project Manager

54,500 INR

Health and Safety Officer

16,000 INR

Salary in Customer Service and Call Center

Call Center Representative

14,200 INR

Customer Service Manager

43,800 INR

Customer Service Representative

12,900 INR

Salary in Engineering

Civil Engineer

30,000 INR

Electrical Engineer

30,900 INR


30,500 INR

Mechanical Engineer

30,200 INR

Salary in Executive and Management

Chief Executive Officer

75,800 INR

Chief Financial Officer

70,600 INR

General Manager

60,500 INR

Project Manager

38,600 INR

Salary in Food - Hospitality - Tourism - Catering


20,500 INR

Executive Chef

25,000 INR

Hotel Manager

58,000 INR


12,900 INR

Travel Agent

21,000 INR

Waiter / Waitress

10,900 INR

Salary in Health and Medical


76,000 INR


62,000 INR

Laboratory Technician

24,800 INR


25,400 INR

Salary in Human Resources

Human Resources Manager

46,500 INR

Human Resources Officer

20,000 INR

Average salary of software engineer in india

Computer Technician

24,500 INR

Database Administrator

35,000 INR

Developer / Programmer

40,500 INR

Information Technology Manager

55,200 INR

Network Engineer

28,400 INR

Salary in Law Enforcement - Security - Fire

Police Officer

19,500 INR

Salary in Legal


62,000 INR

Legal Assistant

17,000 INR

Salary in Media - Broadcasting - Arts - Entertainment


36,000 INR

Salary in Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

Biomedical Engineer

27,900 INR


41,000 INR

Salary in Sales Retail and Wholesale


12,500 INR

Sales Manager

54,700 INR

Sales Representative

20,800 INR

Salary in Teaching - Education

Elementary School Teacher

22,400 INR

Secondary School Teacher

26,800 INR

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