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NUS Business Analytics Concentration

NUS Business Analytics is the most sought after program for graduate students. NUS has become the most preferred business analytics school in Malaysia because of its strong curriculum and its high success rate. NUS Bachelor of Science in Business Analytics (BSBA) is a great introduction to the world of data analytics. Its three modules comprise of Data Management, Data mining and Trends. NUS master of science in business analytics (Masters) provides excellent trainings and prepare students to work in diverse areas of business.

Finance is one of the major industries that NUS experts focus on because of the need for financial and accounting data analyses. They use a wide range of techniques such as technical regression, time series analysis and neural networks to generate innovative and useful financial reports. Finance students learn the techniques and applications related to macro and micro economics. The data analytics club that NUS has allows students to interact with industry professionals to discuss about the latest advances in their areas of interest.

Strategic Initiative is another major focus area of the Masters in Business Analytics program. Students learn how to develop and execute strategic initiatives that will foster organizational growth and success. The club that NUS has offers several experiential programs like the "Road to Riches" program, "Growing Readership" and the "New Directions in Data Analytics." These experiential programs help students to see the practical side of a strategic initiative and learn what they should include in it.

NUS' first ever master's degree program in business analytics was established in 2021. Since then, it has received a lot of accolades and recognition for its top-notch curriculum and services. This program has garnered many awards, including a Best Paper Award from the prestigious Association for the Study of American Business (ASA). There are now over ten best analytics programs in the world.

In the master's specialization, students will study cutting-edge business analytics curriculum to enhance existing skills or start a new career. A core component of the curriculum is statistical inference. This pertains to the process of determining cause and effect relationships from statistical data. Statistics can be used to predict outcomes and make strategic decisions. NUS specializes in four main areas of business analytics curriculum: statistics, data mining, human factors and artificial intelligence.

The NUS master's degree programme in business analytics offers both professional and non-academic options. Many of the NUS programmes offer bachelors degrees as well as master's degrees. A bachelors degree programme typically focuses on a particular aspect of the subject matter while an individual who has obtained a master's degree will usually have more options when it comes to career options and specialisations.

For individuals looking to begin their careers in the finance industry, there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to bachelors and masters degree programmes. The most common bachelor's degree option is to earn an Information Systems and Software Management Technology diploma. Those who wish to continue their education with a master's degree can opt to enroll in the NUS (National Undergraduate Schools) Master of Accountancy, NUS (National University School of Computing Applications) Master of Computing, NUS (National University School of Health Services) Master of Healthcare Studies and NUS (National Undergraduate Schools) Executive MBA. These options allow the individual to work in the finance industry in a variety of capacities depending on their previous qualifications and experience. Each of these programmes gives the student the ability to leverage their previous qualifications in order to obtain higher roles and increased pay. Financial industry is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world today, making it crucial that professionals are able to participate and utilise these skills in the most effective way.

In terms of the core curriculum for the NUS business analytics concentration, the first year will typically cover the foundation of financial management. This includes learning about the basics of finance such as banking, investing and personal finance as well as learning the concepts associated with accounting, economics and management. From there, students will take classes related to international business, marketing, business law, information science, Statistics and Data Mining. Once a student has graduated, they can choose to continue their education by enrolling into either a master's program or an MBA which focuses on a particular specialization in the field.

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