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we're taking a look at Amazon and how you can use it to find jobs but if you want the best way to start making money online and then click that first link in my description and I'm gonna send you my number one recommended online income stream you're gonna see exactly how I'm using affiliate marketing to build a six-figure income straight from my computer so all right guys today we're taking a look at Amazon jobs so this is amazon dodge it's kind of hard to find using the website so to make it easy all you have to do is go over to Google type in Amazon jobs and it's gonna be the first link that pops up go ahead and click on that link once you do you're gonna get taken over to the signup page because before you can get into your actual profile your actual account you're gonna have to create an account at Amazon that jobs and sign up all you're gonna need is an email address go ahead and enter in your email address sign up and you're gonna get a quick verification email to your email address so just click on that link and you're gonna be able to access this back-office right here where you can start finding jobs using Amazon for example customer service or other job related things alright so once you're inside of here and you're ready to find jobs from home things you can start doing straight from your house all you have to do is go ahead and click on the hamburger tab right at the top left hand side after that click on Jeff job categories excuse me job categories and as you can see there's gonna be a ton of different job categories that pop up that you can go ahead and apply for all with inside of Amazon now some of them are going to work from home some of them are gonna be in a warehouse or a certain offices once you go ahead and click on some of them you're gonna see exactly how they work so as you can see right here it tells you exactly how many job openings there is for every single different category so for example a warehouse job there's 36 job openings our hardware department 166 job openings legal thing is a 150 job openings now for some of these you are gonna need a degree or you know some education or experience before you can go ahead and apply to them but not all of them guys so let me show you how you can get started with a customer service sighs I see the customer service side so to go ahead and get started with it go ahead and click on customer service right here there's over 300 jobs available click on that after that you're gonna be able to scroll down to the bottom right here and you just start filtering out every single category so for example if you're looking for a full-time job a part-time job or just a seasonal or if you're in a certain city for example Washington Berlin I can't pronounce these ones right here Scotland so it's basically all over the road guys there's the jobs and work available all over the world so again like I mentioned in the beginning there's gonna be something inside of here for everyone guys now if you're specifically looking at the work from home if you want to work from home keep scrolling down to the where it says category and click on the work from home there's currently six openings available so once you do that it's gonna filter all the work from home ones and as you can see the first one is just the social customer service a customer care advocate so go ahead and click on that right there and you're gonna see exactly you know a little bit more of the Job Description what your responsibilities are gonna be how things are gonna work out and also the basic qualifications so for example one or two years of social customer care experience guys there's also some preferred qualifications that you guys can go ahead and check out see if those fit you right there but that's exactly the way it works that's for all of these right here so if we go back and whichever one you click on right here you're gonna be see all the job requirements the job description and exactly how to go ahead and apply you can go ahead and just click on the apply button which I didn't mention and we go ahead and jump back into once to show you that real quick so as you can see right here for this one there's the job description the basic qualification guys and if you want to go ahead and apply then just click on this big ol orange button right here that says apply now and so that's basically it for this one guys and like I mentioned there's a ton of different job categories and all of the I've worked the exact same way so you're gonna be able to filter out by location by work from home by you know seasonal stuff so make sure you got you guys go ahead and check it out if you feel like another one fits you so for example marketing and PR or machine learning science any of these right here you know research sign any of these fit you or you know something that you already have experienced in go ahead and check these out cuz you can apply straight from home so that's gonna be your first option right there amazon jobs the second option you have with Amazon is Amazon Mechanical Turk so this is Amazon tech right here and it's very simple guys as it says right here make money in your spare time get paid for completing simple tests so the way it works there's other big companies with websites and you know apps or things like that come to Amazon tech to go ahead and get testing done on their services or on their websites so for example a big website can come to Amazon Tech and if they need testing done for their website you know maybe things aren't working out right or or they just want some additional feedback on how the works website is flowing they can come to Amazon tech and hire real people just like you and me to start testing out the website to go ahead and get started just click on this button right here and you can start filling out the application and get started with Amazon third so like again like I mentioned if you scroll down to the bottom right here you're gonna see the basic jobs you're gonna be doing so for example removing duplicate content from business listings identifying incomplete or duplicate product listings in your catalog or verifying restaurant details such as phone numbers hours of operations basic things like that you're gonna be going to these websites of these businesses and looking at those things right there making sure that they all lined up making sure that they're all in order other information is correct and you're gonna get paid just for doing those simple tasks right there so again this one is called Amazon tech to go ahead and get started with this one right here all you have to do is go over to google and type in Amazon tech and it's gonna be the first listing that pops up become an Amazon Mechanical Turk worker click on that right there click on get started with Amazon Mechanical Turk and you can go ahead and apply to start completing these quick little tasks to start earning some money.
I hope you enjoyed it and got some value from it.
If you want to start building a full-time income building some real passive income online then keep checking jobs address.

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