Why learn foreign language
Why learn foreign language

Why learn foreign language

Why learn a foreign language

Foreign Language:- Speaking a foreign language can pave the way for good experiences in your job, business, education, and travel. So it is good to learn foreign languages. 

What time it takes in learning a language

It depends on person to person. It takes quite a long time to learn a language (किसी भाषा को सीखने में काफी लंबा समय लगता है।). Now if your goal is to say hello or how are you? (अब अगर आपका लक्ष्य नमस्ते कहना है या आप कैसे हैं?) Or to order some food in that foreign language(या उस विदेशी भाषा में कुछ खाना ऑर्डर करने), then perhaps it can be learned in a very short time. With this language that you know in a short time, you really have no grip on that language. But there are things we can do that to make our language journey more enjoyable.

Benefits of learning a foreign language
The importance of the benefits of learning more languages as we live in a hyper-connected increasingly connected world and things are never changing as the world is becoming interconnected through technological development, explains this increasingly That it is said that learning language to another is beneficial for many reasons. There are lots of social benefits of learning a second language too.

Cognitive benefits of learning a second language
Here I present many positive side effects of increasing bilingual or multilingual brainpower. A means of a foreign language, learning a new language that your brain has to deal with the complexity, and improves memory, learning to absorb new patterns is also a new language is a good workout for the brain gym for your memory.

This means that multilingual people have brains that are more exercise and faster to remember the facts and figures of the name and have the ability to multitask according to a study at Pennsylvania State University that people have developed in different languages.

The ability to think and move from one to another becomes a much better multitask. By reducing the level of stress, the brain becomes sharper.

Studies from the university have shown that multilingual people are better at seeing the environment around them and keeping the mind sharp while taking into account misleading information or that many studies have been done on the subject and the results for monolingual adults are consistent.

The average age for the first signs of dementia is 71 points Four for adults who speak two or more languages, the average age of 75 points Five is for decision-making multilingual people in their decision-making choices as a result of practice and practice More confident.

Why learning a second language is beneficial
The first language is improved. Learning a new language makes you more aware of the nuts, and bolts of your language and better absorb performance in other academic areas as a result of studying higher academic knowledge, thereby Discover the benefits of learning new languages.

Include the highest and standardized exam in math reading comprehension and vocabulary by multilingual. Monolingual chat Compared to the scores of students, students gain networking skills.

If you are multilingual, you have the benefit of seeing the world from different perspectives that enhance your ability to communicate in today's globally connected world, the Eaton Institute Offers better career options as per language development.

Workforce surveys add value to the multilingual staff workforce and certainly have a competitive edge in today's world.

Learning the French language Why French is an important language:- French is the national and official language of France. However, it is also the national and official language of 13 other countries. Additionally, it is the co-official language of 16 other countries.

This means, there are totals of 29 Francophone countries worldwide. These countries were once foreign territories or colonies of France.

Also, France has a rich heritage of literature. French food tops this world. France is home to many prestigious institutions of higher education. The country is one of the eight most industrialized countries in the world or G8.

As a result, It exports a lot of products worldwide. So, if you want to learn French, here are some strong reasons why is this language is important.

The benefits of learning French French ranks 14th on the Ethnologue list of the world's most widely spoken languages. However, it says the World Economic Forum as the fourth most powerful language on earth for doing business.

The French language is not so much popular among foreign language learners, due to its inherently difficult grammar and pronunciation styles. At the same time, learning the French language can open up an amazing bed for anyone. Because French is not as uncommon as the above figures indicate.

The importance of learning French. Here are some reasons that will highlight the importance of learning the French language. As I have mentioned before, it can open up amazing educational and career vistas for anyone. The official language of the United Nations French is one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

Higher Education Therefore, it is a very important language in foreign relations and diplomacy. The United Nations and its member organizations issue a lot of communes and information in French.

Therefore, if you are willing to enter foreign services, French is an excellent language to learn. Higher Education in France. France may not really be a place of choice for higher education.

Most of the Indian professionals prefer English-speaking countries like the USA, UK, and Australia for the course. 
However, France has excellent universities that offer hospitality management, healthcare, European history, politics, and diplomacy, medicine, and biotechnology, culinary arts as well as specialized courses in the French language. And degrees from France are valid worldwide.

Indian Defense Sector Indian Defense Sector France is a major importer of defense goods for India. These include the recently inducted Rafale Multi-Role Combat Aircraft, Scorpene-class submarines, and various other equipment that is in use with the Indian Air Force, Indian Navy, and Indian Army.

Many of these deals are now between French defense companies and the Indian private sector. Learning French allows you to join this growing field of Franco-Indian defense cooperation.

Of course, knowing only French will not give you an excellent job in the defense sector. You will also need additional qualifications.

 India's liquor industry 
The wine industry in India is growing, which relies heavily on France. Because France has the widest possible range of fine grapes that go into the making of fine wines.

Most of the Indian wine is made from local cultivation of grapes of French origin. Winemaking is also a skill perfected by the French. Anyone wanting to join this fast and upcoming field of Indian wine needs to learn French.

They can take courses in France on winemaking, and all kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Incidentally, such courses are very few in India. In conclusion, It is worth noting that France once ruled Pondicherry (then pondicherry) in southern India.

There is also a large Francophone population. As India's trade and diplomatic relations with France and the Francophone increase in the rest of the world, learning French is becoming important.

Some interesting Questions:- 

What language do they speak in Singapore?

The Malay language is the Singapore national language and its official languages.

United nations language proficiency exam

What is the UN language proficiency exam?

The purpose of the Language Proficiency Examination is to test:-

  • Spoken knowledge in any of the six official languages of the United Nations.
  • Written knowledge in any of the six official languages of the United Nations.
Staff members have adequate knowledge in another UN official language by passing the Language Proficiency Examination in any of those (anyone from the six languages) languages.

These are the few benefits of learning a foreign language.
Why learn foreign language

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